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What is the best way to maximize overall team communication and productivity? 

Business Employee TrainingWhen highly motivated, confident, goal-directed, and resourceful team players commit themselves to measurable results, an organization’s competitive posture and profitability dramatically increase.

Our Collaborative Skills for Teams workshop helps individuals learn to work from their strengths by identifying their most natural team role. In addition, they will gain an added appreciation for the contributions of others. As a result, team innovation and productivity increases as conflict and project-cycle time decrease. The ultimate goal is to create highly productive, effective and cohesive teams.

By incorporating a proven, research-based assessment tool, The Team Dimension Profile, our workshop personalizes the learning experience for each team member. Participants discover four distinct team roles, identify which team role they are most comfortable utilizing and learn the four stages of team projects.

At the completion of this one-day workshop, participants will: 

  • Understand the challenges and communication breakdowns they may face when working with others who have different priorities, roles and talents.
  • Explore how team roles interact in meetings and learn strategies to be more effective about managing team roles.
  • Learn the four different roles within teams, their preferred role and the diversity of priorities and preferences of each team role.
  • Understand team project stages and the activities and priorities associated with each of the four stages.

Spark Employee Enthusiasm, Attitudes and Productivity 

Increase your management and business effectiveness with Mitchell Motivation. We are a consulting and training company that assists companies to create environments where people can perform at their best. Mitchell Motivation leads high-energy communication, business and legal strategy workshops for results!

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With Mitchell Motivation, your organization will:

  • Increase sales results and business profitability
  • Enhance management skills and develop new leaders
  • Improve company communication and teamwork
  • Gain and retain loyal happy customers and employees


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