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Happy customers are the Key to Success!

How do I manage customer relations and resolve customer concerns?

Customer Service TrainingManaging for Service Excellence will show a customer relations manager what is expected of you as a critical part of a management team. Our one-day workshop will identify ways you can add value to your job, your team, and customers. Our customer resolution process will identify and work through situations and challenges within your environment that will influence your ability to resolve issues fairly and make value-added decisions.

At the completion of this one-day workshop participants will:

  • Recognize the cost of a lost customer.
  • Define four levels of customer service as they apply to any business.
  • Demonstrate how to turn basic levels of service into exceptional service.
  • Identify key touch points for impression management with customers.
  • Understand the significance of emotional engagement with customers.
  • Identify the scope of their authority to resolve customer concerns.
  • Understand the circle of control concept as it relates to personal responsibility.
  • Demonstrate techniques for defusing customer’s anger.
  • Understand the underlying values and needs that guide employee motivation.
  • Develop strategies for improving motivation and effectiveness within your team.
  • Utilize a customer resolution process.

Spark Employee Enthusiasm, Attitudes and Productivity 

Increase your management and business effectiveness with Mitchell Motivation. We are a consulting and training company that assists companies to create environments where people can perform at their best. Mitchell Motivation leads high-energy communication, business and legal strategy workshops for results!

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With Mitchell Motivation, your organization will:

  • Increase sales results and business profitability
  • Enhance management skills and develop new leaders
  • Improve company communication and teamwork
  • Gain and retain loyal happy customers and employees


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“When your employees are at their best, your business productivity is at its best!”


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