Communication Skills

Are you getting your message across effectively?

What is the best way to improve the flow of information and overall personal effectiveness around communication in an organization?

Communication Business TrainingOur How to Communicate with Confidence, Clarity and Credibility workshop is a customizable one day workshop that provides participants with the key to clear communication. A person’s communication style leaves an indelible professional impression on all business communication. By examining the main components of the system of communication, individuals walk away with the skills, knowledge and tools to immediately improve their communication and listening techniques with customers, co-workers and challenging situations.

At the completion of this one-day workshop, participants will: 

  • Learn listening and feedback skills to build effective personal and work relationships.
  • Discover their most natural listening approach.
  • Identify effective communication techniques and behaviors.
  • Assertively and productively manage conflict by understanding four communication behaviors: Aggressive, Non Assertive, Covert, and Assertive.
  • Apply a four step process to the development and delivery of clear messages.

Business ConsultingOur Understanding Yourself as a Key to Understanding Others is an interpersonal skills workshop which incorporates the DiSC Personal Profile system. The DiSC system is used to improve performance, deal more effectively with conflict and help people value differences in the workplace. The DiSC Personal Profile system helps individuals better understand why people act the way they do. (This workshop can be modified for a half day.)

At the completion of this one-day workshop, participants will:

  • Learn an effective and easy model to understand the complexity of human behavior.
  • Understand, respect, appreciate and value individual differences.
  • Appreciate that others may have different motivations, priorities and instincts that compete with their own.
  • Develop new communication strategies and competencies about communication.
  • Understand what motivates individuals in their relationships and find ways to maximize this motivation.

Spark Employee Enthusiasm, Attitudes and Productivity 

Increase your management and business effectiveness with Mitchell Motivation. We are a consulting and training company that assists companies to create environments where people can perform at their best. Mitchell Motivation leads high-energy communication, business and legal strategy workshops for results!

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With Mitchell Motivation, your organization will:

  • Increase sales results and business profitability
  • Enhance management skills and develop new leaders
  • Improve company communication and teamwork
  • Gain and retain loyal happy customers and employees


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