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Don’t take our word for it – Hear from Business Leaders who are “In The Know”:

Customer Reviews for Mitchell Motivation“The University of Toyota, School of Retail Professional Development would like to thank you for your leadership, focus, and enthusiasm throughout our Facilitating Adult Learning Skills Class. You provided the class with that little extra something making a time for all involved to remember, as well as act upon what was learned.” – Gary Tilkin, Facilitator Manager, University of Toyota

“On behalf of Aquascape and our management team, I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for your high-energy and relevant presentation of Dealing with Difficult Customers at our annual customer Pondemonium event. Your presentations are always a highlight for our contractors, employees and landscape architects.” – Greg Wittstock, CEO and Founder, Aquascape, Inc.

“She listens, asks appropriate questions and delivers with passion. Lauri Mitchell is the definition of a great consultant and I can always count on her.” – Tina Clements, Training Manager, BMW / MINI USA

“I have seen Lauri at work in many settings. She is a great motivator and always delivers more than she promises.” – Barbara Parsons, President, Enrichment Technologies


Spark Employee Enthusiasm, Attitudes and Productivity 

Increase your management and business effectiveness with Mitchell Motivation. We are a consulting and training company that assists companies to create environments where people can perform at their best. Mitchell Motivation leads high-energy communication, business and legal strategy workshops for results!

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With Mitchell Motivation, your organization will:

  • Increase sales results and business profitability
  • Enhance management skills and develop new leaders
  • Improve company communication and teamwork
  • Gain and retain loyal happy customers and employees


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“When your employees are at their best, your business productivity is at its best!”


Mitchell Motivation

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